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Are you looking to sell your apartment building? We want to buy your multifamily property! 


  • Cash out your investment

  • Looking to sell and 1031x into other ventures

  • Tenants and toilets are your worst nightmares

  • Ready to take more of a passive role

  • Inherited multifamily properties and don't know how to manage

  • Your loan is coming due

  • Don't what to spend money on CapEx

  • Time to enjoy your retirement?

  • Cannot handle the workload physically

  • Management company took your money


As long as your situation makes you say "I want to sell my apartment," we want to buy that multifamily building from you. We are not brokers! We want to buy apartment buildings! 






Ready to sell your apartment building?




The continental United States. We look at market data to find strong markets throughout the U.S. that support economic growth and job expansion. We buy multifamily properties in A and B areas in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Markets with strong median incomes and good schools.


Target Asset:


  • Unit Count: 40+ units, portfolio considered

  • Age: Complexes built after 1980, older buildings will be considered case by case

  • Strong value-add opportunities

  • School Score: 5+ (Find out at www.GreatSchools.org)

  • Plumbing type: Copper

  • Roof Type: Pitched

  • Utility Metering: Individually metered

  • Minimum 70% physical occupancy 




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