Sourcing Properties

We work with many brokers, lenders, and professionals to source on-market, off-market properties. We also pursue direct marketing activities to reach out to owners directly.

Asset Management

After we purchased a property, we start the stabilizing process by implementing our business plan. Usually, this step includes a new management team, new process and system, marketing pieces, etc. Concurrently, we refurbished the buildings to bring new life to it and allow us to boost rent. 


We typically look at a few hundred deals a year. Out of those, we underwrite and make offers on a few that meet our goals. We qualify deals based on demographic trends, financial performance, potential rent increase, etc. 

Disposition and Exit

Throughout our ownership of these properties, we continuously monitor the market and find the right time to sell or refinance after we have stabilized the properties. The goal is to provide the utmost return to our investors.  

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