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Buy My Apartment

 Tell us more about your apartment building. Working with us is effortless. If you are a seller, below is the information we need. We must have ALL this information in order to run the number and make an offer. Once we have the required information, we will start underwriting and return a letter of intent (LOI) to you. 

  • How many units?

  • Address?

  • How much do you want for it? 

  • Offering memorandum: If you don't have one from your broker, please give us a rundown of the history of your building. We want to know the condition of your building, the current trends, any rehab you have done and when you did it, utility structures, occupancy rate, loan terms if you have an assumable loan, etc.

  • Trailer 12 months statements - Please only send the report with 12 individual months (NOT one for the entire year). Including the following:

    • Gross potential rent

    • Loss to lease, concessions

    • Vacancy

    • Other income

    • Property Taxes

    • Insurance, Utilities

    • Repairs and Maintenance, Capital Expenditures

    • Admin cost

    • Management, Payroll

    • Marketing/ Advertising cost

  • 18 to 24 months of income statements​

  • Schedule E (if possible)

  • Current rent roll

  • List of comps: Show us your competitors with similar utility and condition of units

  • Any other relevant financing document

  • Why are you selling?

  • Tell us why we should buy your building. What's the upside for us?

When you have this information, please email OR you can give us a call at (303) 323-9992.


We will not sell your information to anyone!


Thanks for submitting!


We'd love to hear from you

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